Board of Trustees

Keith Mautino Moore

Frank E. McGinity
Vice President

Katherine Murray-Morse

Robert G. Dibley

John Doordan
Trustee (Historian)

Jon DuPrau
Past President

Wes St. Clair

John Brinker
Club President

Nancy Schlosser
Honorary Trustee

Advisory Board
Alberta Binns
Sherri Mobley
Fran Morrow
Peggy Odgers
Kristan O’Donnell
Diane Waterhouse






The Art Foundation of Santa Barbara is a tax exempt non-profit corporation whose purpose is to educate the public in the works of artists with special focus on Santa Barbara County and the Central and South Coasts of California.  Santa Barbara County and areas have a long history of art produced by now nationally famous artists and continues as an important source of works from a large community of contemporary artists.

It is the responsibility of the Art Foundation to obtain, collect, preserve, and display important works of fine art, art objects, and appropriate items of historical significance.  The Art Foundation will also provide a venue for the display of works from private collections and other sources.

The purpose of the Foundation is to educate the public on the heritage of art created and produced primarily in Santa Barbara County and along the central and southern coasts of California.   To encourage the efforts of contemporary artists to enlarge upon that heritage, and to broaden the public’s awareness of and access to such works of art, the Art Foundation intends to develop a significant collection of such works of art and then exhibit portions of its collection at the Santa Barbara Club, itself an historical structure.

The Art Foundation also intends to organize and offer tours of such venues to educational institutions, various public groups, and other civic organizations.